Author: Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk
10 Jan. 2020

Design by MILLION from Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk, the co-founder of the European School of Design

Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk, the co-founder of the European School of Design

Our home is our theater – the theater of illusion or comfort, comedy or romance, solitude or friendly meetings or just a little bit of everything. But the most important is that we are able to create incredible scenery in our theater i.e. conscious interiors! And it's not just a pretty picture, it's really organically functional, rationally zoned, stylish, psychologically oriented in color space.

Today, the interior is no longer just a cover of our lives. It has become an observer of our relationships that accompany our development. And the house interior is created more honestly and is thought over more carefully. And that's a great trend! It is not always possible to realize the full depth of possibilities that our knowledge in design, art, engineering and oriental practices open to us.For example, complex Feng Shui calculations will help you to buy a suitable and correct housing for yourself, or more globally: to choose a site, place a project of landscape and architecture on its area, plan the distribution of rooms for family members, choose the right direction for beds, and thus to make your home filled with energy of well-being, health, prosperity and success.A color plays an incredibly important role in the interior as an aesthetic component and visualization of a given style, but there is also a hidden function - the effect of color on subconscious of your family members. Having analyzed the temperaments and psychotypes of all family members and considering their desires, the interior can be not just “painted”, but you can use the color as a hidden “weapon”, which in some spaces creates the illusion of peace and tranquility, while in others - adds some strength and confidence.

Red should not be used purely by choleric persons, while deep blue by melancholic ones. In the room of hyperactive children it is better to use sky-blue or the color of luscious greenery, and of excessively quiet children - yellow or orange in the decor and accessories. These colors will also help to add romance or passion to your married life or set yourself up for a constructive wave in your office.Properly styled interior design is an irrelevant concept today. Interior design is created for homeowners to meet their needs. The designer’s professionalism is very relevant today, because the designer needs to bring together all the “likes” and “wants” in a harmonious unity, to create a special individual space that will be beyond pure style and trends. Such an interior will be relevant both tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.I am for conscious and thoughtful interiors! For common sense and philosophical interiors!


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To live means to create!

European School of Design is the first in Ukraine creative and educational center aimed at systematic and comprehensive business training of European level designers in accordance with the international standards of the practice.

You can learn more about programs, see alumni work, read reviews, ask questions or book a place in a group online or by the following phone numbers: (044) 331-37-00, (044) 331-37-08.


Oleksandra Shtanii-Medianyk, the co-founder of the European School of Design

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