05 Jan. 2020

The AL'Pachino Duo: “Our songs will touch upon the souls of every listener”

Pavlo Kulik and Alina Koshliak are young, talented, ambitious, contemporary participants of the newly formed r&b AL'Pachino duo they presented a new bright single, which promises to be a hit and will not leave anyone indifferent. Artists told Lady Million about the history of the duo, creative plans and goals for the future.

 Розкажіть, будь ласка, як ви познайомилися, та коли саме виникла ідея створення дуету?

Tell us please how did you meet and when the idea of creating a duo came up to your mind?

Pavlo: I saw Alina in one of the Dnipro karaoke clubs. She sang a song that struck my heart and was very memorable. After a while I saw her Instagram account and decided to write to her. I asked Alina if she had anything to do with creativity, or if it was just a hobby. The answer did not take long. Alina said that she was not in the show-business, but if I had an interesting proposal, why wouldn’t we discuss it. That's how we met.

Alina: We met in a music studio and Pavlo told me about his field of activity, achievements, plans… It intrigued me, but I decided to take a time out to think over everything. After a while, we saw each other again and I suggested creating a duo. That's how the idea to create an AL'Pachino group came up to our minds and it was absolutely spontaneous.

Have you ever worked in a duo before? What advantages or difficulties do you see in duos?

Alina: No, I’ve never worked in a duo. Difficulties, actually, are there to overcome them. We have a professional and efficient team that is not afraid of difficulties and overcomes any obstacles easily.

When did you decide to devote your life to music?

Alina: Music plays a special role in the life of each person. It accompanies us from the moment of our birth. I think that it is very difficult to find anyone who is indifferent to music. After all, it inspires people, reminds of some important events in life, motivates and uplifts us. When I’ve met Pavlo, I thought, why not trying to connect my life with music professionally and forever? So, it's time to put this idea in life.

Pavlo: I've been in the music field since 2016. I’ve defined for myself a certain kind of activity, set tasks and became a music producer.

Now the Ukrainian music market is quite competitive. There is a large pool of Ukrainian stars and new performers. Than how the AL'Pachino duo plans to differ from others and amaze listeners?

Pavlo: Yes, indeed, the music market now is full of well-known, beloved artists and new talents. Our duo is aimed at an audience that understands life and its meaning in general. In our music and lyrics, absolutely every listener will be able to find the lines and emotions of their lives. Our creativity will highlight the moments that each person experiences in their souls repeatedly.

The rap and r&b are now at their peak again. Who of Ukrainian and foreign performers inspires you the most?

Alina: I have no favorites amongst musicians. I listen to music of completely different styles and genres. Fashion in this case does not matter for me. The song is either liked or not. It doesn't matter who sings it and in what genre.

Pavlo: I listen to a lot of different music, but of course I look much deeper in it than a normal listener! I have always been interested in the creative path of an artist and I do appreciate those artists who’ve made themselves. And there are not many of them…

What are your musical ambitions? What success does the AL'Pachino duo dream about?

 Pavlo: The ambitions are very high, the same as the demands for ourselves. We are responsible for what we create, which is why we make only a high quality product. The success of the project is definitely the generous applause of our potential listeners! We want our works, like ourselves, to be included in the history of music production. It's not difficult to create a song, but to create a smash hit that will be sung for several decades is the task number one for us.

In what style do you plan to create your singles?

Alina: The main focus we make on recitative and, probably, lyrical ballads, life stories with vocal notes and a strong emotional drive.

What are your creative plans for the nearest future? Do you plan to hold any concerts or record an album?

Alina: High quality and effective production does not provide an answer for all creative plans, so for the time being let’s leave it behind the scenes.

Pavlo: Already, we will delight our readers with our new track, which, we are sure, will be able to penetrate into the soul of absolutely every one of our listeners and will remain in it forever!

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