Author: Alina Prihodko
04 Jan. 2020

Lilia Kolesnyk: “I strive for harmony and balance in all walks of my life”

Lilia Kolesnyk – a fitness trainer, CrossFit instructor, Tai Bo trainer and many years experienced nutritionist.


Lilia, how did you start your sporting activity? May be someone had pushed you to do this?

No, this was my idea. I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. 15 years ago, most girls began exercising for fear of getting weight and the desire to be fit. I've never had any problems with being overweight, but I was very vulnerable to any comments from guys. At a young age, I was very eager to become skinny - apparently a sign of mass fashion on models with 90-60-90 parameters influenced me.

How many years have you been doing sports?

I’ve been doing sports for all my life. I started exercising at the age of 12. It was not interesting and boring during physical education at school, so I practiced at home. That time, my personal program consisted of 10 exercises that I performed for almost five years every day. I took these exercises from sports publications. As I became more independent, I began to exercise in group training with professionals. Even then, I had thoughts of becoming a fitness trainer.

I’ve become a graduate psychologist. But at the same time, I used to play sports: I did group classes, made a training plan and studied human anatomy. I always tried to be in sports, even when I did not train but worked as a psychologist.

I have undergone many different trainings, such as gestalt therapy, psychodrama, spontaneity theater, fairytale therapy, social and psychological training, and I realized that without working on my physical condition, psychology itself does not produce any positive result. They are always connected - body and psychology, so at some point I felt that as a psychologist I started to burn out. And I changed my occupation and became a personal trainer, but I still use the elements of psychology in my job.

Being in the gym, doing weight training, I noticed that training on exercise machines does not allow a person to relax a 100% and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Pumping up your muscles is no longer fun, it won't surprise anyone anymore. And I started to think: what to add to the training to make it different and exclusive?

And what did you ad? What is the point of your trainings?

In reality, everything is rather simple: to look cool, to feel more energetic, to enjoy every moment of life, you just need to harmoniously combine these four components:

• our movements (care after your own physical health);

• our thoughts (only positive);

• our healthy and good quality sleep;

• our food.

The difficulty is to UNDERSTAND it, to REALIZE and to bring it into your daily life.

If all four of these components are harmoniously combined, no drugs, antidepressants, alcohol stimulants, cigarettes, etc. will be needed. As a psychologist, I can say for sure that there are cyclical periods of rise and fall in each person's life. Such changes are very depleting of our body. Today, a large number of people suffer from systemic depression, as mass markers impose certain rules that everyone should follow. And a person does not live a full life, but tries to adjust to the present, thereby losing its identity.

My point is that I want to show each of my clients (no matter if it is a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, a child or teenager) that the value of each of us is our individuality. Material things should only supplement the spiritual ones. In order to enjoy life and be a happy person, you need to find your own personal balance between inner and outer world.

I’ve been looking for the most effective training complex for a long period of time and I realized that versatility is an organic combination of different types of sports activities. In my arsenal, I use free weights, gymnastics, stretching, crossfit and boxing.

Boxing is probably a separate subject to discuss. But I want to emphasize that it is the fitness with the elements of boxing that I actively implement in my practice today. This type of training gives positive results in a rather short period of time. Let me note that such classes have no any age or gender restrictions.

Lilia, tell us please, who is the most interested in training?

There are currently no age gradations. Everyone trains: children and the elderly, men, women, boys and girls. It's just that some are more relaxed and others are shy. In fact, the elements of boxing are very complex. In the process of studying major boxing elements quite intense load falls on the legs, joints, shoulders and back. The complex includes exercises for almost all muscle groups, and logical thinking processes take place.

One coach told me that boxing is about dancing and chess, two in one! And I just really love dancing. It’s like a mantra, like a spiracle for me. I dance for myself and know that dancing can restore my psychological state or just lift my spirits.

But, let’s get back to boxing. I was very afraid that boxing will make me rude and clumsy. However, the opposite happened. This sport gave me femininity, balanced strength and plasticity. And when I see girls and women blossom after the boxing lessons as if they were spring flowers, I realize that I have chosen the right direction and I am happy with them.

Is there someone in your environment who inspires you? What is a source of energy in your life?

First of all, my energy source is my satisfied clients. And I am inspired by scientific articles, because I read a lot. I did not like history at school, but now every book motivates me for new achievements. And at every stage of my life, a certain biographical confession makes me realize that everything repeats itself, everything develops cyclically.

What books impressed you the most? 

The “Ilona Zrini's Story”, “The Exalted and Earthly” by David Weiss's and “Roksolana” by Pavlo Zahrebelnyi.

In general, I am very inspired by strong personalities. When I wrote my thesis on Envy, I always wanted to find the answer to the question: how to live and learn not to react to the negative of the environment, but to become physically strong and enduring? And I found the answer to this question in those books. The combination of physical endurance and psychological resilience makes you immune to any negative external influences.

The hashtag of our magazine is # vibrationsofsuccess. Everyone understands success as he wishes. What does “successful person” mean to you? What is your formula of success?

For me, success is a harmony of the inner and outer world i.e. when a person is not dependent on the thoughts of others when it sets goals and pursues them in spite of everything and when there is enough willpower to state and defend your point of view. Of course, there must be a material aspect, as an index of success, but we must clearly separate the wealth and prosperity. Therefore, I strive for harmony and balance in all walks of my life.


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