Таша Шапіро: «Рак – це не доля. З ним треба боротися заради щастя»

Author: Kseniya Goncharova

Now my live is abundant and colourful. I am very happy every day and appreciate life. I have a lot of laughs and always try to take everything positively.

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Mademoiselle: моделями не народжуються, ними стають

Author: Iryna Yevchuk

I want to teach every girl to create a new one, to reveal their hidden talents, to turn each dream into reality, not to be afraid of changing their style and attitude towards the world.

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Крістіна Дробінка: «Цей успіх я заслужила»

Author: Tatiana Nezhinskaya

Аmong the participants in Pakistan I was the only singer, so to speak, an “ambassador from Ukraine”. In fact, I would really like that the relations between our countries became more friendly and warmer.

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Ірина Онопенко: «Рецепт успіху – наявність таланту та висока продуктивність»

Author: Kseniya Goncharova

The artists rely on the viewers. They give him the will to invent content by himself. A modern artist should be modern not in the technique of performing work, but in methods of thinking as well.

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Аліса Мярковська: «Віртуози своєї справи встигають все!»

Author: Tatiana Nezhinskaya

When you find yourself, you combine all your inner strength, energy and quality that help you achieve your goal.

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