23 Nov. 2019

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What’s more important in life than saving someone? Especially when it comes to saving a kid’s life?

A charming 4-year girl, Alina Bondar from Ukraine requires immediate treatment. Last week it became known that little Alina has neuroblastoma - cancer of sympathetic nervous system, Stage IV. Although her diagnosis seems like a sentence, we need to realize that miracles do happen in our life. Each of us may become one of the most significant people in this girl’s life - we can collect the required amount of money for treatment.

It’s pleasant and rather easy to do good. Any amount paid by you will be very important!

Moreover, Christmas holidays are coming and we sincerely believe that miracles do happen, diseases disappear under the pressure of tenderness, mercy, care, and love.

Thanks a lot for your support and for sharing this post. As we’re stronger together!

Mother’s card - 5168 7554 4373 8725 Privat Bank, Nataliia Bondar

Parents telephone and Viber : +38 063 609 45 78 , +38 093 992 64 13





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