О журнале MILLION №4

«Энергии и вибрации людей первичны»

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Максим Слободянюк: «Энергии и вибрации людей — первичны. Не только от мысли приходят деньги, а от того, какую человек генерирует вибрацию»

Герой обложки MILLION magazine №4 украинский бизнесмен, советник вице-премьер-министра, министра цифровой трансформации, кандидат технических наук, инвестор, человек, который смог построить успешный бизнес на онлайн-играх — все достижения Максима Слободянюка перечислить сложно. Но, ...

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Алекс Луцкий: «Сначала мы передаем эмоции, а уже за ними стоит качественный сервис»

Основная энергия содержится в том, чем вы занимаетесь сегодня

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Вячеслав Лысенко: «Самый большой успех — это когда ваше колесо жизни во всех секторах развито гармонично»

Люди должны не просто мечтать, а строить планы и действовать, потому что мечта без действий не приведет к успеху

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Подорож у часі: крізь минуле — у сьогодення і майбутнє

Мистецтво Ганни Криволап — це образне, емоційне відображення дійсності

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Слава Жила: «Театр для мене — як Колізей»

Гарна вистава — це як сеанс психоаналізу

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Игорь Ильюк: «Мой успех строился на небезразличии к общему делу»

У нас есть уже три поколения клиентов, которые ходят в наш клуб. Для многих Caribbean Club стал вторым домом. Для нас это самое ценное.

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Вадим Петроченко: «Для нашей компании не существует невыполнимых задач»

Реализованные проекты — это наш имидж

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Александр Орлов: «Кризис — это изменения и время новых возможностей»

Для эффективного руководителя самое главное в работе — постоянное саморазвитие

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О журнале MILLION №3

«Жить на полную»

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Traveler Artemii Surin: “Everyone on earth wants the same - living life to the fullest”

Success for me is to be in harmony with yourself. To fulfill the project you came to this world with. And, more importantly, success is a possibility to live in harmony with your soul.

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Andrey Ostapchuk: "I believe in the power of internal creation"

To join! I like joining talented people. This is what I have been doing for the last four years. First in Kyiv. But now I am focusing on London.

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Vasiliy Khmelnytsky: “The only value today is the knowledge and skills to apply it”

When people are truly grateful for big projects you have implemented, probably, it is just the sense of a good life.

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Serhii Stakhov – The Oyster King: “My dream is to make seafood available for Ukrainians”

Today, OKEAN holds about 50% of oyster import market in Ukraine. In a very short time, we have created a culture of oyster consumption amongst Ukrainians.

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Bohdan Strutynsky: “Cultural resource is the backbone of Ukraine’s diplomacy.”

When a person is realized and feels harmony and comfort, this is a success. Success is to learn not to pursue success.

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Dmytro Polishchuk and Ksenia Honcharova: It’s Up to Everyone to Decide, What and Why to Live For

We chose this particular area of charity because we have very little importance for culture. The theater touches upon many strings of the human soul, thereby giving the opportunity to develop in different directions.   

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Oleksiy Yuzefov and Yulia Yuzefova: the synergy of pragmatic thinking and creativity

Nothing is impossible. On the one hand, you have to weigh all the pros and cons, and on the other, dare to go forward and take the risk.

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Raj Delik: “Cryptocarrency – the financial assest of the ххіst century”

My index of success is happy successful people around me, thanks to cooperation with me, and the opportunity to do my favorite thing. When you do business you live in and which brings you pleasure, then money will inevitably come. Follow your dream and you will become a successful and happy person!

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The Magic of Art: the Exhibition of Paintings by Iryna Onopenko on the pages of MILLION magazine

The artist attempts to elevate the status of Ukraine in the eyes of the European cultural community as a modern, spiritually developed, cultural state. And she is doing it well.

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Radion Redko: "Equestrian sport means full interaction between a human and a horse"

In general, equestrian is a peculiar illustration of harmony, understanding and trust between a man and a clever animal.

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Andrii Burenok: “All energy is inside me!”

Neglecting the “now” moment, you neglect the whole life. If now you do not get pleasure from just breathing in the air with a full breast, you will not receive from this pleasure neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow.

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Igor Osadchiy: "To be successful means to be of value."

You must burn with enthusiasm. But talent is required. I call this “neuroleptic connection,” that is, the connection between your brain and your hands. It is difficult to train.

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Sasha Labuda: "Kyiv inspires me more than any other city in this world!"

Colors is the main "arm" of painters. They allow to express the beauty of the things that artists try to show.

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Max Yakover: "The future lies in the interaction of business, art, and technology."

We believe that the current format of education is obsolete. And we ask ourselves: what should be the educational format in the future? UNIT Factory is one of the answers. It is an innovative school based on the French franchise School 42.

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