Author: Alina Prihodko
10 Oct. 2021

Aira Velesova: “Runes are the keys to wisdom”

Aira, tell us please, what is your profession?

First of all, I do what I like to do. I am in a creative process filled with pleasure. I even called my office a “Creative Workshop” (smiles). I am a runologist. In addition, there are many related streams that reveal me as a person who came to this reality to fulfill a certain mission.

I would like to tell you more about runic amulets and meaningful jewelry, which activate a person for certain actions or help to cope with certain difficulties each of us faces on its way.

There are three main areas i.e. health, substances and love, of course, where from time to time, certain errors arise in the flow of energies thereby bringing a person certain difficulties in its life. And there is the fourth group of people who want to be in constant development, become wise and activate their abilities.

Please, share with our readers, how did you come to runes?

I remember myself very consciously from early childhood. I differed from  other ordinary children. When I was 5, I understood clearly that I would be a doctor. And this was the case - I became a physician, but in alternative medicine. I’ve never received a diploma in traditional medicine. I thought a lot about this, but, nevertheless, I became a “healer of the soul.” I absolutely share the statement that: “As long as the soul is ill, the body will be ill as well.” Therefore, using my knowledge, I try to help people curing their souls, so that other problems related to their health and some material aspects went away by themselves. Unfortunately, psychosomatics is a part of our lives. And I realized that repeatedly throughout all my life.

Aira, as far as I know, people who work with a lot of energies (doctors, psychologists), perforce, let a lot of both positive and negative energy through themselves. How do you manage to cope with that?

Yes, it is true, indeed. Helping others, I spend a lot of energy. And it is especially painful when you help beloved people who trigger your emotions. The most correct thing is to learn not to get involved in a person’s energy flow, i.e., by helping, not to let those situations people came to you to go through you. The very first rule is to learn not to emotionalize. I’ve been learning to keep my thoughts under control for a very long time.

Aira, I see that you also produce pictures, do you?

Yes, I do, but the one you are looking at is not mine. This picture was painted by a girl. She had big difficulties in her life, she came to see me, and the next day she called and said that it was for the first time in her life she painted a picture.

Aira, you talked about your amulets that activate different spheres of life, but there are still many candles in your creative workshop ... Are these some special candles?

These are magic candles. Each candle is an element of fire. For me, this is the most beloved and close element. Each candle has its own spectrum of colors. E.g., blue activates intuition (you can light a candle and mentally imagine what we want to get); pink is love (if the love field is clogged, you need to light a candle, meditate and ask to remove all obstacles); orange is success and luck; green is substance and money.

A candle is a biological instrument that demonstrates human bio field rather accurately. When it burns through any person starts feeling itself much easier.

Is there any story that struck you with its incredibility? Share it with our readers please.

You know, I have lots of incredible and fabulous stories. E.g., the story of a girl who had never produced any pictures before, and after our conversation, began to write unusual paintings ... After the first picture there were nearly twenty of them in a month!

There was another story that struck me too. One woman who had big health problems came to me and runes helped to restore her health.

Do you believe in randomness or you think that everything is natural in our life?

I believe that “randomness is the language of God.” Therefore, there are no any of them. Everything that happens in our lives  happens for some reason. Absolutely all events have a causal relationship; nothing just happens. Therefore, people who come to awareness begin to understand why certain events occur in their lives.

Aira, what do runes mean to you?

Runes for me are a source of inspiration. It seems to me that runes are my destiny.

And how to find one’s own destination? After all, there are a huge number of cases when at the end of lives people realize that they did not live their life the way they would like to, that they could not be happy and did not find themselves ...

The first thing that everyone should do is to ask itself: “What do I still want?” Recall your childhood dreams: “What did I want to be?” Another interesting life hack is to look at your phone bookmarks.

Fears haunt us throughout our life. We need to learn how to cope with them, to leave the comfort zone. Each of us has our own destiny, and the Universe will punish you greatly if you do not do what you should. Unless a person realizes itself, it will suffer.

Aira, your interview will be released on New Year's Eve. Everyone predicts that this year will be very difficult. Do you think it's worth believing in such predictions?

No, I don’t believe in such things, everything is always fine with me. All events depend on us, on our mood and perception. Therefore, it is very important to tune in to a miracle and it will happen.

What difficulties do you encounter in the process of your activity and how do you manage to cope with them?

I work a lot on myself, on every emotional outburst. I have a slogan: “We are in eternity”; no need to rush anywhere, everything has its time.

The hashtag of our magazine is #vibrationsofsuccess. Aira, what is success for you?

I consider myself a successful person. Since I do what I like to do, I am absolutely free to make decisions and in my actions. I always wanted to manage my time. I have love, recognition, I am glad that others can enjoy solving their problems thanks to my help. For me, success is, first of all, the fact that I was able to find myself.


Photo: Oleksandr Serbinov
Filming & editing: Vlad Pustovit
Interview by: Alina Prihodko
Makeup: Irina Krasii
The dress: Oksana Polonets
Вreath: Pidlipska Ira

Translation: Global Translation Services 1+1

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