Author: Tatiana Nezhinskaya
28 Aug. 2021

Yevhenia Dron: Femininity for a woman is the form of her integrity

Yevhenia Dron – the founder and ideological inspirer of the Femininity Studio, author of training programs aimed at the holistic development of women, a mom of two sons, a loving wife and a happy woman.

Yevhenia, tell us please, why have you chosen femininity as major subject of your business activity?

In my life I met many women. I used to deal closely with beauty salons and many talks on the subjects often arose there. Women like to discuss everything about femininity if they see that there is no condemnation in communication.

What is femininity and why is it needed?

Femininity for a woman is her form of integrity. If a man needs to be a strong spirit, to show will, a woman needs to accept herself in the body of a woman, to feel and to learn how to enjoy life. During our lives we study and create ourselves. For many women it is very difficult to correctly evaluate themselves, to understand that they have a great energy potential. The way they use this potential will affect their husbands, their children and their work.

We know that women can feel a lot, but often they are just afraid to open up. And if you keep being compressed like a spring, it becomes difficult to enjoy life. And this, in turn, leads to coldness, detachment and even greater isolation. Self-doubt often ends in a collapse of relationships and complete disappointment. No knowing oneself, it is difficult to build one’s extension.

Femininity is both a harmony with nature and with your body. It is important to learn to be in this state; cause being there a woman is able to consciously create her life the way she wants.

How do you think, why women successful in social and business sphere often face problems with harmonious relations?

In business, there is strong male energy and competition, and a woman has to be strong. All the energy she has, she needs to transmit through force by means of control and management, i.e., manifesting male energy. Men try to suppress such a woman, compete with her, subconsciously they believe that she is not in her place, or perceive her as a rival. And, as you understand, there can be no any harmonious relations with a rival.

A woman wants feelings. And in order to build any relationships, she must return to her natural female state; learn how to switch, rebuild and separate relationships and business or to fall in love. A woman wants to have a strong man next to her, and a man, in turn, is attracted by a feminine companion. If she accepts this, learns not to suppress her capabilities in herself, but to show them correctly, then everything will certainly develop in such relationships.

They say that there is a strong woman behind every successful man. How does it work?

Every woman has energy that can be creative or destructive. And this state is known to every woman. If you create such a level of trust in a relationship in order to fill your man with energy, to please him, then he will be successful. In order to give something, a woman must initially be in harmony with herself. Then her wisdom will allow not limiting a man, not interfering with him, but giving him the opportunity to act.

How does it work? If a woman understands that since the beginning of their relationship, a man has an increase in finances, and his mood is often positive, then the woman sends creative thoughts to her man and, accordingly, the same energy. But, if he is often angry with her, if he breaks down deals and has big financial losses, then her attention is directed to some other areas, and such man does not receive female energy from his woman. Therefore - yes, behind every successful man there is a strong, or rather a wise woman who knows herself, her abilities, and knows how to use this knowledge.

Do you use this knowledge in your personal life?

Yes, I do. I still proceed with all the practices that I teach women in my Studio. And, of course, there is a high level of trust in our relations with my husband. Men appreciate the sincerity and manifestation of the present in a relationship. Following a man is natural for a woman. When a man sees and feels it, he wants to do everything for such woman.

What practical recommendations can you give to women so that today they could tune themselves into the female state?

There are simple tips to translate your activity into femininity.

First: let your body relaxes. And here swimming, walking, SPA, massage are to your services. Your brain relaxes via body and therefore tension will go away and communication with the body will turn on.

Second: remember your feminine nature. Our female organs and their perception by us is the main source of female energy. It is they who create vibrations, vibes, hormones, scents of the female body. If a woman accepts herself in her body, and she likes to be aware of this, then she will also enjoy her sensations. Sexual practices will help getting new knowledge. It is also necessary to recharge the energy of nature.

Third: to be bright and beautiful and first of all, for oneself. In this state of joy, female energy will be revealed.

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For money: “Unexpected income makes me happy every day.”

For success: “I have no competitors, all people are unique.”

These affirmations help me a lot.


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