Author: Tatiana Nezhinskaya
15 Aug. 2019

Kristina Drobinka: “I deserve this success"

Charismatic and brave, gifted and self-motivated Kristina Drobinka preserved the goal of becoming a famous singer. After all, she succeeded, although her home country Ukraine has not appreciated the talents yet; but far Pakistan was subdued by an unusual performance of their national popular pakistani song by a beautiful blond whom they called Pakistani Roksolana.

Kristina, while I was preparing for this interview, I was analyzing the information from the Internet, and it really surprised me. It turned out that there were not so many publications devoted to your recent performance. And it seems to me that this is an outstanding event not only for you personally but for our country as well. So, could you first tell us about the summit in Pakistan and how did you get there?

I have been preparing for performances at such a level since my childhood – music school, acting school, ballroom dancing, numerous contests, performances, youth theater, and small roles in TV series and shows…

I was always dreaming of becoming a singer and entering the R. Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music. And finally, I got there, though not from the first attempt. I was lucky with a teacher. Svitlana Yosypivna Borovyk, an Honored Artist of Ukraine, taught me the academic vocal and acting. I studied at two universities and worked as a singer at events. And then a pause and disappointment came in my singing career.

What was that about?

It was hard for me to break through ukrainian show business.I participated in singing contests, such as “Star Factory”, “Voice of the Country”, “X-Factor”, “Ukraine Has a Talent”. They didn’t take me anywhere but asked whether I had a producer. I replied that I didn’t and they refused me.

Things aren’t that simple as one may think. Now, when I've successfully performed in Islamabad and immediately hit the top positions on the local media and TV, it seemed that everything in my life was easy. But I know that I fought, suffered for this success and deserved it after all.

Ok, there was a “pause” in your career. What did you do at that time?

After graduating from the university, I looked around and decided to learn another profession – an event management. So, my professional development, to a certain extent, passed into the organizational field, but it was still tied up with music and creativity. At that time, when I was 24, I wanted to manage the process. In order not to be commanded, but to control everything by myself.

I have been organizing events for several years and suddenly I was offered to perform at the International Pakistan Tourism Summit. It was a grand event, attended by the President of Pakistan, the Prime Minister, the top persons of Pakistan, and a number of prominent and respectable people. I agreed. And only afterward they asked me, “Why were you the one chosen? As you aren’t the top Ukrainian artist, actually?” Well, I don’t know, it was the fate that gave me such a chance.

And was there a “legate” of your fate? Do you remember the moment of invitation?

I was invited by the summit organizers directly, and their co-organizer was Mr. Mohammad Wasim Khokhar – Founder and President of Bridging Trade International, Pak - Ukraine Trade and Culture, Education Centre Islamabad, Ceo Red Carpet Event Management Company. I represent this company Red Carpet in Ukraine.

So, that’s how I combined two directions of my activity, remained in the sphere of event organization and music. So, I'm very glad to get back to music. After all, I have been dreaming of becoming famous since my childhood, and not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

In early childhood, it was my father, who noticed my musical talent. My father is musically gifted too, he has a very strong operatic voice, a baritone, but he failed to break through. He is a military man and a writer, so he has been dreaming of my success. I remember, once on my birthday, when I was 4, he raised me and said, “You will be a famous singer!” I think it is the support of my family, my father Ivan, my mother Iryna and my older sister Yulia that helped me to achieve the goal.

And did you agree immediately?

No, I trained a lot. The months of training have passed since vocal requires constant practice. So when I received an offer, I renewed my classes with a teacher and trained several times a week. I wish to say that the artist’s profession is very tough and requires constant self-improvement!

How did you choose the song?

It was the Urdu popular national song, almost like the hymn of Pakistan. It is a very famous song – Dil Dil Pakistan, originally released and performed by the band Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed. This song belongs to a famous Pakistani singer, pop star Junaid Jamshed, an outstanding personality in the world history. I felt like I continue the life of his song. I made a cover – an exclusive in my performance in the Urdu language. This song “matched my voice”; I felt that this song is closed to my heart.

As for the content of the text, it was about love for Pakistan. Pakistan is, in fact, an incredibly wonderful country, very hospitable and very authentic. And I also fell in love with this country and the people.

After my performance in the concert hall, which accommodated up to three thousand spectators, people suddenly started running up to me, and I was even afraid. It turned out that these sincere and open people just wanted to take a picture and get an autograph.

What kind of event was it?

It was a tourism event of the International Pakistan Tourism Summit. It was aimed at getting as many people as possible to know about the benefits of tourism in Pakistan, and the country itself became more open for tourists. The summit was attended by the world-famous politicians, speakers, and vloggers. For example, Eva zu Beck is a million-dollar vlogger who has traveled all over Pakistan. And among the participants I was the only singer, so to speak, an “ambassador from Ukraine”. In fact, I would really like that the relations between our countries became more friendly and warmer.

The event itself lasted for two days and took place at the Jinnah Convention Center in Islamabad. When I first came to the rehearsal, got on the stage and began to sound check, I had an impression as if I had already been there before. I don’t know, maybe in my past life... a kind of Deja vu.

On the first day, there was a tourism forum. I performed and had dinner with the Mr. Arif Alvi President of Pakistan and the forum participants. The next day there was a completely different audience. I performed for the second time. Then there was a closure at the Imran Khan's residence. The most interesting thing about that day was another dream to come true – at a farewell dinner, I met Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is a very famous personality in the world, whom I wanted to meet long before the summit.

In my opinion, you are such a typical Ukrainian girl, in a good sense: pretty, brave, talented ... How did you feel in an Islamic country?

Oriental culture and Islam are very close to me since my childhood. I don’t know why, but I do love Oriental culture, music, atmosphere, and clothes. When I was a child I even dressed in an oriental manner and attended dance classes. So, when I came to Pakistan, I decided to behave accordingly and tactfully. I immediately bought their national clothes in stores (there is a wide range of high-quality clothes), and even wore a shawl.

I respect Oriental people, their religion and traditions. Hospitable and friendly people live there. I felt as if I were one of them as if I were a Muslim. So, they called me Pakistani Roksolana. You cannot imagine what a compliment it was to me! I dream of playing this role in a movie.


Well, I see that you had a tremendous success. How did they treat you in Pakistan?

I immediately got to all the media, I was invited to several leading TV channels and my interviews appeared in many magazines and newspapers. These moments were among the most pleasant in my life. And upon returning to Ukraine, I was also given an honorary award at the embassy for my contribution into the culture of Pakistan.

And to sum-up, I’ll ask you my traditional question: what did you want me to ask you about but I failed to?

I would like to share the fact about a book, which is very important for my father soon is coming out because he has been writing it for several years and has put his soul into it. This book is called “How to Find your Soul Male and Create a Happy Family”. I will produce this book. And I hope that it will have a tremendous success and help many people. In addition, I want to wish you all to believe in yourself, in your dream and not to be afraid of anything!”

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