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04 Jan. 2020

Kristina Riabych: “There is no such a notion as lack of time for me!”

Lady Million are women who have goals and dreams, who have managed to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them, and who inspire each day to keep developing and working on ourselves. And all this is about  our heroine - Kristina Riabych, a beautiful woman, a caring mom and wife, a food blogger, a healthy lifestyle advocate and an adept at home fitness. She is the one, who has revealed us the principles of HLS and healthy thinking that will help other women to be always beautiful, joyful and full of energy and strength.


You are a young, active mom. You look great and have the perfect figure. Have you always maintained a healthy lifestyle?

To some extent, yes, I have. But I began to change my lifestyle more dramatically during my pregnancy. At that time, I literally eliminated all the bad food from my daily diet and did not consume any product without benefit to my body. Due to this, during the whole pregnancy, I gained only eight kilograms, and after the birth of my son I was not overweight at all. I think that nothing can make a person change for the better, but a child.

On your social media pages, you post helpful tips on healthy eating and different recipes. By the way, everything is very aesthetic and appetizing. What is the HLS for you? It's just nutrition and training or something else?

Probably the name “healthy lifestyle” speaks for itself. It's not something temporary for me. This is how I live every day, how my family lives, and why I don't stop learning all the time.

You follow a strict nutrition plan or you allow yourself to go beyond this plan?

I think that there is no anything hard in proper nutrition. Frameworks are diets that I do not believe in at all, because their concept is temporary. Proper nutrition allows for everything. The main thing is that the ingredients of your meal consist of right foods. If you ask me about food that is harmful in the literal sense, then of course I do not eat it. I’ve completely got rid of gastronomic debris in my life. When I go on vacation, sometimes I allow myself to have a dessert, but never in my everyday life. All sweets can be made of wholesome ingredients and flavored. Sometimes you can allow yourself anything: if it rests on a well-laid foundation, it will harm neither the body nor the health. I believe that one green salad will not help to lose weight, just as one cake will not do any harm to your figure.

Very often young mothers find many excuses for their passivity and postpone training until better times. They deal exclusively with their child and household chores. Is it hard to train at home? Do children interfere with or assist in this?

There is no such a notion as lack of time for me. It can only be a lack of desire and laziness! You can always wake up earlier and it will be beneficial for all day productivity.

The most common excuses are: “I don't have time to go to the gym,” “I can't leave my baby,” “I don't want to spend extra money.” That is why I focus on home workouts. First of all, it's always like a game for a kid. For the second, it is another opportunity to devote time to your child. And for the third, it is always a good example for your baby’s future.

What are major exercises that your home workouts are based on? How often do you do sports and how much time do you spend on it?

The big plus of home workouts is that every chair or a step can be your exercising machine. And if you involve a child, it will be the best weighting compound for you.

My basic exercises for  press are straight leg lifting, body lifting and body lifting with turns. Perform everything in 50 repetitions.

For  hands and  back, the most effective are  20 times push-ups,  abdominal lift 50 times and  dumbbell exercises.

For legs and buttocks - lunges, squats, kicks 50 times as well.

I train every day. I can alternate exercises. All training lasts 30-45 minutes. And as you can see, you don't have to go anywhere and you don't have to pay for anything. This format saves a lot of time. All you need is a wish!

Thanks to such training, I was really able to achieve good results, which I could not do in the past with “professional training”. However, every woman should know and remember that 80% of her good look depends on food. And only 20% of success is sports. So the first thing we do if we want to be healthy and beautiful is to change our daily menu.

How does your daily plan look like as a rule?

I get up at 5.45 AM. I drink about 500 ml of water at once. During the night, our body loses a lot of fluid, so in the morning it needs to be renewed. Of course, everyone has its own water balance, and it is not necessary to drink the same amount, but it is necessary to start your day with a glass of water. I have breakfast at 6.30 AM. Then I say good-bye to my husband, cause he goes to work, and closer to 7.30 AM I start training. If I do it myself, it turns out quickly, but if I engage my child, the training takes a little longer time. But by 8.30 AM I’m already full of energy for all day long.

Does your family support your desire for proper nutrition and exercises? 

Yes, of course, we chose this lifestyle for ourselves together with my husband. For example, Andrii decided to give up meat first, and I simply supported his choice. Soon I realized that this was the right decision. The loved ones must support each other in everything, especially if this lifestyle can teach their child something good. Parents should follow the same line. There is a good English proverb: Do not raise children - educate yourself. And the kids will still look like you.” I think these are very wise words.

Besides inspiring others to do their health, you still have a designer hand. You fully create your own wardrobe with your own sketches. When have you felt the talent of a designer, and do you plan to develop it?

Yes, my hobby is clothing design. Almost all my wardrobe is models I have created. It's such a small spiracle ... To be honest, I do not like such concepts as fashion or trend at all. Why should we wear something just because someone said it was fashionable?! As for me, trends seem to steal a man’s personality. “Fashion is changing, but style remains” - this is an old but timeless phrase.

At the moment, I'm modeling clothes only for myself. But sometimes my friends or relatives ask me to help them with their outfit, and, in my opinion, it turns out well. So far this is just a hobby.

Tell us about your plans for the future. 

I do not like to make plans for the future ... Everything is possible in this life.

You are a happy wife and mom. What a “successful woman” means to you? What is the recipe for female success?

A successful woman is a happy woman! For me, my family is always in the first place. We can make a lot of things in our lives, but we will never return our baby's childhood. It is up to everyone to decide what his priority is. Whatever you are and whatever you do, bring good with you! This is the main point. If my advice is helpful to at least one person, I will be very happy about it.

What would you wish to all those young moms who read Lady Million?

Stay with your kids for as long as they need you, so that when you need them, they do not leave you!

Never compare yourself to anyone, because there will always be someone better, smarter, more successful, just like someone worse than you.

Do not follow the others’ opinion. They are interested in you exactly 15 minutes. So don't waste your time.

Protect your personality. Rely on God and your own strength only. Do good - it always comes back!

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