Author: Iryna Yevchuk
23 Jun. 2020

Mademoiselle: Nobody is Born a Model, You Need to Become One

Iryna Yevchuk, the founder and the owner of the Mademoiselle Model Agency, organizer of fashion shows and bright show-events:

- If you want to be a queen – behave like a queen. If you want to be noticed – dress up a red dress! My look is my business card! Beauty is a force that inspires me and others. This is a choice made by the heart, which became a lifestyle for me. I have chosen to be beautiful and confident, and every woman can do that.

My main goal is to make as many girls and women happy as possible. I influence the minds of many ladies, making them think over seemingly elementary things that people often do not attach much importance to. However, these simple things change us and add certainty, because the real lady is a holistic and harmonious person. She is not only beautiful, but primarily educated, good, has proper manners, is interested in life and easily communicates with people of any status.

For me, a personality portrait is a palette of colours and shades that complement each other and together they create a unique picture. It was this beauty that inspired me to create Mademoiselle, my own model agency.

Sometimes, steps made once, change people’s lives. I could not stay aloof when there are so many girls, dreaming of a big podium, shooting and photo sessions. And they perfectly understand that nobody is born a model, you need to become one. And although this is a constant and complicated work on oneself, I believe that every girl, regardless of her profession, should always look like a model.

I want to teach every girl to create a new one, to reveal their hidden talents, to turn each dream into reality, not to be afraid of changing their style and attitude towards the world. The most important is to believe in one’s own forces, to strive for perfection and success and to be in harmony with oneself.

Despite the fact that our project is rather young (only 3 years old), my students have already succeeded in various events and festivals, beauty contests and fashion shows held in the cities of Western Ukraine.

One of my special projects is creating and holding social events, i.e. fashion shows of Ukrainian designers.

I believe that every fashion project is a great motivation for many talented designers who gain a lot of experience, can define their direction in the design of clothing, establish a new brand in the fashion industry, develop their idea and touch the depths of the soul of viewers with their art. And beautiful models only complement this action as a real excitement.

Therefore, I welcome talented designers and model-makers. If you are young, beautiful, energetic, purposeful, if you want to become a model, work with well-known designers, see yourself on the cover of a prestigious glossy edition, walk around the European podium and feel the flash of the camera, then You are Welcome!

Людмила Савків

Анастасія Войчук

Юліана Домашевська

Надія Коржук

Соломія Панько

Євгенія Петровська

Ангеліна Тиновська

Маргарита Платко

Єва Вінярська

Ольга Галига

The whole world is your podium!

Be special with Mademoiselle, obey your dream!

Please, welcome to the world of fashion, beauty and talent!


Instagram: irinaievchuk
Facebook: Ірина Євчук
Contact phone numbers:  050-988-56-58, 067-899-88-66


Photo by: Yaroslav Oryniak
Make-up: Tetiana Zapotochna
Dress by: Iryna Zinchenko
Handmade jewellery: Alice Crown

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