Author: Kseniya Goncharova
31 Aug. 2019

Fortune-teller Zasima, “I have always felt there is something special about me” 

The young beauty has inherited her gift from previous generations and made it her life’s work. There are years of successful practice and hundreds of satisfied clients under Zasima’s belt, which made her an Instagram blogger with over 188 thousand followers. The successful young woman with a non-typical profession has spoken to Lady Million about her gift and principles of her work.

You are a fortune-teller. And it’s not a job but rather a calling and a special rare gift not given to many people. When did you first know about your special powers?

I was born into a family where all the women possessed a certain gift. For many years, my ancestors have been helping a lot of people. And I have inherited it.

I took my gift after my great-grandmother. My mother didn’t really want me to do this because she knew it was a great responsibility. But I am happy that finally she supported me in my decision to choose this path. That’s why I am here and you are interviewing me.

Have you immediately decided that you will be telling the future at a professional level?

I have always felt there is something special about me. I understood it was my calling. In fact, it’s not just a job; it’s a way of living and thinking.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

It’s hard to see people’s losses and pain.

Are you always able to achieve results acceptable either for you or for your client?

It cannot be said that everything is always exactly as it has been planned. Sometimes it happens that the clients are not ready to heed the advice or at some stage, they take certain decisions, which influence the course of events in life and the outcome. That’s life and it’s impossible to know certain things to the last second or to the millimeter.

Your business is connected with human destinies, problems and secrets. How do you switch between work, household chores, and family? What do your family members think about your profession?

When I was getting married, my husband knew what I did. I’m really grateful to him that he has accepted me for who I was and has taken my lifestyle. My family always supports me and helps when it is really needed.

I work all the time with the destinies of different people. They are many and they all are rather complicated. But of course, although it’s not always easy, at home I try to be with my family and not to move work into my private life.

How does your gift help you in life?

I don’t use this gift in my life.

Are there any special taboos or code in your job? What would you never do?

Of course. There are some secrets regarding performing certain rites, they have been passed to me by my great-grandmother. I never reveal them. With regard to my personal taboos, I would never tell a person about their date of death and would never cause harm to a child.

Every day you meet hundreds of different people and listen to a great diversity of stories. What are the main problems of modern people?

Each one wants to be happy. Every person has their own concept of happiness. For one, to feel happy, one needs to get married. For someone else, happiness is a new home. And another person, dreams to find his brother. My mission is to hear a person, to understand one’s wishes and essence. And together we try to find the right way to a dream. Why do I say “we”? Because my clients and I are a team.

You are successful, beautiful, self-confident Lady Million. What does the notion “successful woman” mean to you? What would you wish to our readers?

For me, harmony is what happiness is.

A successful woman manages to do everything and at the same time, she doesn’t forget about her personal growth and constant development.

I wish that every reader of your magazine was in harmony with oneself, with the world, work and family. Be careful not to waste your time and health! They’re priceless. Set out priorities right and you’ll definitely succeed!

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