Author: Tatiana Nezhinskaya
05 Sep. 2019

Volodymyr Sobolevskyi: “Modern Dentistry is Comfort and Professionalism”

One would think that Volodymyr Sobolevskyi, the founder of one’s own clinic, would have to talk about his work and his business. But no – a successful doctor says that work for him has always been a favorite hobby, and money should not be an end in itself, when your vocation is to save people from pain. Do you think it is too simple and obvious? But look around – such “simplicity” is not given to everyone.

Volodymyr, it turned to be rather difficult to travel around your Facebook page. It is just full of posts about your professional activities. And I’ve got two questions in this regard. Why do you think people continue to be afraid of dentists, although it is not painful anymore? And why did you choose this profession? After all, when you started, the procedures were still painful…

People are generally afraid of doctors, and there is hardly anyone who likes to be treated a priori. But in reality, the need for dental help is enormous. In part, this is an echo of low-quality and unprofessional treatment in the past, and partly due to financial costs and constant delay in the problem by the patients themselves. It is not a secret that in most cases, people address the dentist when pain has already appeared. And if it does not hurt – then there are no problems at all.

In fact, the appearance of pain means that the body asks for urgent help, signaling that it is no longer able to cope with the problem on its own.

Modern dentistry is a comfort, professionalism and maximum painless procedures. And healthy teeth are the key to the health of the whole body!

Regarding the choice of profession… I dreamed of becoming a general surgeon. I entered dentistry department accidentally and was very worried about this. I also had bad memories of Soviet stomatology (smiles).

But now I'm doing my favorite job. It’s been for 20 years since I came in to the dentistry, 14 of which I’ve been doing surgical procedures, which included implantation of teeth, build-up of bone tissue and other operations. Today this is the major direction of our dental center's work.

Many people are now discussing the need for medical reform. In my opinion, dentistry is the one that can be considered the most successful in our country. What's the secret of that phenomenon?

Dentistry has long been made private. And, despite all the disadvantages, the market itself made it competitive. The level of material and technology support of my dental center can outpace the majority of clinics in the most developed countries. And believe me, it is not just our center.

I think, as soon as we have enough private clinics of the general profile (as it is in all countries), our medicine will wake up, because to change the mentality in the walls of our state institutions is extremely difficult task to do!

Dentistry is associated with technology. Tell us what's new has appeared and how can it improve our lives?

At least once a month I attend courses, congresses, exhibitions – both at home and outside Ukraine. All new items, tools, equipment and techniques appear in our center as soon as possible. Only this year we acquired electronic anesthesia for maximum anesthesia, an intraoral welder for the fastest and most reliable prosthetic care of patients after implantation, the latest computer tomogram from Planmeca (Finland) and  Beyond (USA) bleacher. And this is far from been all.

Dentistry is a fast growing branch of medicine and I am glad that we can offer our patients the best services. To date, everybody is striving for the minimum number of visits and minimum intervention!

And if earlier, to replace completely missing 32 teeth on implants and crowns, it took 6-12 months and about 20 implants, we are now ready to do it in a few days, and sometimes faster, having set a maximum of 8 to 12 implants. Everything is changing, becoming more accessible and reliable thanks to massive involvement.

Are business and medical treatment incompatible? How do you combine the altruistic desire to help a person with the interests of your clinic?

My job for me is a hobby, first of all, and I never compromise with my own conscience. That's why in our center, 6 cabinets provide services to more than 100 patients every day. For me, dentistry has never been a business, and the price of each procedure is well-grounded and has a clear framework.

I believe that a good doctor cannot be poor, not because of money he takes for his services, but because the patient wants to pay more assessing the result of his work.

Regarding the clinic, I’d like to ask you the following. It is clear that you spend a lot of time with your colleagues, and not only at work, but outside it as well. How do you work and how do you recreate?

 I go to courses and seminars a lot. I give lectures in Ukraine and abroad. This gives me the opportunity to stay on the crest of the waves and implement everything new in my practice as quickly as possible! Sometimes, if these events take place in the US, Japan or South Korea, I can stay for several days and have a rest before or after the event.

I really like diving, so several times a year I try to find some time to dive. This gives me the opportunity to get distracted and relaxed. Communicating with colleagues is always an exchange of information, work experience and skills, and this is invaluable for any specialist.

Is there a place for hobbies in your dense schedule? How do you spend your free time?

I’ve already got used to live in a pace, when I’m at work from 8 AM to 7 PM and then I give advice in Facebook, on forums, etc. for a few hours a day. I do love my job, and it's hard for me to imagine that I could do something else!

Free time is underwater hunting, diving, time with family and friends.

And my final question is: what would you like me but I failed to ask you about?

I would like to get back to the theme of teeth implantation, because this is the major aspect of the work our center. We do surgeries in a separate operating unit equipped with the latest global medical equipment.

To date, I have installed more than 18 000 implants! In general, over a year, we install over 1500 implants and perform more than 1000 dental operations.

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